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Name:Gate Type Hydraulic Presses
Type:HHD Series

  • Four-post design, suitable for all types of workpieces. The operating height and dimension can be custom designed to meet practical requirements.
  • Thread ram for easy replacement of fixtures.
  • Use dual push-button operation and safety control circuit.
  • Simple hydraulic circuit design, low power requirement, easy to maintain. The circuit design can be altered on customers demand to meet specific operating requirement.
  • Press base equipped with wheels, which makes it mobile, hustle-free and efficient.

    TYPE HHC-01T HHC-03T HHC-05T
      Output 0.4~1 ton 0.9~3 ton 3.5~5 ton
      Stroke range 100~150mm 100~150mm 100~150mm
      Hydraulic cylinder
      (bore x stroke)
    ø50x150mm ø63x150mm ø80x150mm
      Ram approach speed 180 mm/sec 100 mm/sec 125 mm/sec
      Ram press speed 80 mm/sec 35 mm/sec 37 mm/sec
      Ram return speed 140 mm/sec 53 mm/sec 57 mm/sec
      Operation pressure range 5.88~7.84(60~80kg/cm2) 5.88~10.2(60~104kg/cm2) 6.86~9.61(70~98kg/cm2)
      Ram hole ø16x40 dp ø16x40 dp ø20x40 dp
      Power 3øAC220V, 50/60Hz 3øAC220V, 50/60Hz 3øAC220V, 50/60Hz
      Motor output 0.75 KW(1 HP) 1.5 KW(2 HP) 2.25 KW(3 HP)
      Stroke type Slightly move safe storke Slightly move safe storke Slightly move safe storke
      Operation manual Manual operation Manual operation Manual operation
      Oil capacity 46L 46L 46L
      Body weight approx. 450kg
    (including hydraulic oil)
    approx. 510kg
    (including hydraulic oil)
    approx. 560kg
    (including hydraulic oil)
    ※ We reserve the right to revise the extermal dimensions.


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